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Server Patching

Monitoring Existing Backup

IT Consultation

Unlimited Offsite Support

Onsite Support*

8 x 5 Next Business Day Support

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Virtual System Admin

IT Consultation: We help you to assess your current IT environment and offer you consultation for improvement. The assessment includes Hardware, Backup, Security and Business Continuity.

On-site Support and Maintenance: We will assign technical specialist agents to visit your office monthly to do preventive maintenance or to troubleshoot any issues at hand that cannot be performed virtually.

Live Monitoring: We will have live monitoring to check on your environment’s resource and network utilization.  An alert will be sent out if there’s any abnormality.

Faster Response Time: Should you have any issues, our support team will help you to troubleshoot off-site remotely to give you a faster response time. 4 hours is our  Service Level Objective, and 1 hour for critical cases. This cuts out travel time and we can attend to your needs ASAP.

Hardware Acquisition: We can also help you acquire hardware and advise on what works best for your organization. We may even be able to throw in some discounts of value for you as our esteemed contract customer.

Automate IT Processes: Our automated tools saves on a lot of unnecessary waiting should any IT services on your end-point or servers stop, or if you have any disk space issue, for example.

Reporting: A  report of our work log will  be generated for you to review what we have done for you to keep you informed and updated.

IT Asset Tracking: Do you know how many PCs or Servers you have or what kind of license they are using? We can help you keep track of your IT assets and generate a report for your management and/or auditors.

Support Ticketing System: Each end-point is connected to our support ticketing system where users can launch a support request to our Support Engineer.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that while we strive to provide you with as much value as we can  through this service, any new IT project initiatives like migration of a new server, setting up of Disaster recovery plan, moving to the cloud, etc will have its own separate costing.


CACTI Monitoring Tool

– Cacti is a robust performance and fault management framework and a frontend to the RRDTool – a Time Series Database (TSDB).

– It stores all of the necessary information to create performance management Graphs in either MariaDB or MySQL, and then leverages its various Data Collectors to populate RRDTool based TSDB with that performance data.

– We can setup CACTI in Hyper-V host of Customer’s environment.

– CACTI will be running on Ubuntu platform.

– CACTI can monitor the performance and usage of devices.

– i-Tech will be using this tool together with your IT team for daily monitoring of your environment.

Remote Support and Onsite Support

Remote Support
– Once a ticket has been raised, the remote support exercise will be done using a support agent tool for our support engineers to remotely support you.

– Customers can record the period our engineers are in for logging and security purposes.

– Once the support exercise is done, your company can revoke the access to i-Tech from the server(s) for security and control purposes.

On-Site Support
– For preventive maintenance or on-site support services, we advise customers to make an appointment with our engineers, preferably allowing as much advance time as possible to avoid disappointment.

– In case of any emergency, i-Tech can arrange the engineer to be on-site within 24 hours.


Our Support Escalation flow is as below:

Level 1

  • Customer launch a support request via the SAFEHOUSE Support Portal.
  • Level 1 Support or Account Manager will be alerted and will response within 4 hours.
  • Level 1 Support will verify the scope first before resolution.
  • Once verified, Level 1 will attempt to solve the case. Ticket(s) will be closed upon resolution.

Level 2

  • If Level 1 could not resolve the issue, the case will be raised to Level 2 Support by Customer’s Account Manager or Level 1 Support Engineer.
  • Level 2 Support will attempt to resolve the issue. Ticket(s) will be closed upon resolution.

Level 3

  • Should the case could not be resolved by Level 2, this case will be escalated to the Principle of the Product like Dell, HP, Microsoft, etc for resolution.
  • This will also be made aware to Management Level

Simplify Your IT Operations

We Are Your Virtual IT Helpdesk Support Agents

WHY Virtual?

Gone are the days when you need to wait for your IT support to brave the traffic only to solve a simple problem. The best of technology and tools now enable our IT specialists to support customers remotely. Virtual support will cut traveling time to the customer’s office and increase response time to troubleshoot customers’ issues. Virtual support removes geographical barriers so that we can bring our best service instantly. Of course, we will be on-site in circumstances where we are not able to resolve the IT needs remotely.

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Other Types of IT Managed Services

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

– Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
– Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)
– Infrastructure As A service (IaaS)
– Platform As A Service (PaaS)
– Software As A Service (SaaS)

*Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, SAFEHOUSE Local Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Managed Infrastructure

– Managed Dedicated Servers
– Managed Router and Switches
– Managed Load Balancer


Managed Security

– Anti DDOS Service
– Managed Firewall
– Endpoint Protection

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