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Customer Support

Yes, we provide 24 x 7 x 365 support. We can help you to reboot your server when your hardware is not responding. We will also support you when you have routing issues for bandwidth. That is the basic support that we give. If you require us to managed your servers and devices, you can lookup on our Managed Services for more information.

While we have firewall and IPS at the frontline of our network security, we do not provide individual Firewall boxes on your rack when you subscribe to our co-location services. However, we can help you to source for the firewall box and deploy it. Just let us know what you need.

If you subscribe to only our co-location service, it does not include backup services. Should you require assistance in the backups of your server(s), you can subscribed to our Backup Managed Service plan which is affordable.

i-Tech insures all equipment which belongs to i-Tech in SAFEHOUSE. Customers are advised to purchase their own insurance for the protection of their equipment and data if they wish to.

SAFEHOUSE is designed with the intention to provide redundancy to ensure uptime. We have redundant design in our power, cooling, network and bandwidth so that you can enjoy uninterrupted service.

Yes, we can assist you with migration of servers and devices with a migration and setup fee.

We provide 4 hours of response time when you need our support. Resolution time will vary depending on the complication of the issues. As for network uptime, we provide 99.99% of uptime guarantee.

Yes, we can host your emails for you. Do contact us so that we can gather your requirements and setup your email accounts for you.

You can launch your support request by emailing us at, or you can call our technical support team. A technical support number will be given to you once you have subscribed to our services.

Our data centre is a secured area and we practice security policies. As a result, we encourage customers not to bring in any visitors unless it is really necessary. Authorized personnel for customers are allowed up to 3 person to visit the data centre for deployment, troubleshooting or maintenance purposes.

SAFEHOUSE has DR Plan for its own data and equipment. Kindly explore our DR solution packages in regards to which package that’s suitable to protect your data.

Yes, SAFEHOUSE offers private cloud services with our existing SAFEHOUSE S-Cloud product. For larger scales, we can even assist you in designing your very own private cloud so that you can be assured that your data continues to reside in Malaysia and not elsewhere.

SAFEHOUSE is a carrier-neutral Data Centre for bandwidth providers. Do let us know which provider you need and we will bring them in for you if that provider is not in our existing ISP list.

SAFEHOUSE offers leasing programs where you pay monthly for the services. You can opt for the “Lease to use” or “Lease to own” options to enjoy new hardware and work on the OPEX model. Another choice is, you can subscribe to our S-Cloud where can just scale your hardware resources on our cloud platform.

Yes, SAFEHOUSE has a DR Office / seats for customers who need to conduct their BCP tests or during a real emergency.

Just complete our online Visit Request Form and wait for our DC Team’s approval. For planned visit, we will require at least 48 hours notification and for emergency maintenance, we require 1 hour notification for us to inform our security team of your visit.

SAFEHOUSE will allocated 2KW of power for a standard full rack rental. Any additional usage will be charged at RM0.82 per KWH which will be paid back to Tenaga Nasional Berhad. We can provide up to 8KW of power capacity per rack.

If you are interested to resell our services, kindly contact us at +603 6411 6288 or email us at