SAFEHOUSE Short Message Service (SMS)


SAFEHOUSE Short Message Service

A global messaging service, SAFEHOUSE Short Message Service offers simple, effective and intelligent communication capabilities that help businesses reach their customers quickly.

SAFEHOUSE SMS offers APIs and SDK to developers to send messages around the world. The framework supports OTP (One-Time-Password), transaction alerts, push notifications and advertising campaigns as well as domestic and global messaging.



Int Cov

International Coverage

Alibaba SMS covers more than 200 countries and territories.


Smart Routing

SAFEHOUSE Cloud SMS will determine the best route in terms of capability and delivery speeds of each SMS provider in real-time to ensure that your message is delivered to the recipient on time.


Simple to Use

Alibaba Cloud SMS provides software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) for five programming languages.

Secure and Stable

Secure and Stable

Secure and stable SMS network serving tens of billions of messages every month.


Feature Highlights

SMS Features

Sender ID

You will be given a Sender ID (Free of charge) when you use our Cloud SMS platform to send SMS messages.

Target Marketing

Drive growth by sending customized, laser-targeted messages that enable users to connect with your brand.

Message Processing

Real-time message routing based on network performance to ensure messages are delivered successfully.

System Management

Users can determine delivery frequency on a daily basis and set message thresholds (daily and monthly) to secure their account while managing their expenses.

Tracking and Analysis

Get access to detailed message history that includes failure reports, usage reports, SMS resource packages and delivery reports so that you will be able to monitor every single activity from marketing campaigns to emergency notifications.