A Time To Cherish

It’s a privilege for us at SAFEHOUSE that we get to work with the very best people in the industry, regardless of race and religious beliefs. It’s also a blessing that we all get to experience each other’s unique celebrations all year round.

After the month-long fasting and shopping for the perfect garment to parade, it is time for the celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri as family and friends gather over for the splendid Raya festival.

No Raya is complete without the dazzling Raya family portraits and ‘makan-makan’ session, so check out how SAFEHOUSE team members celebrate this festive season in style, as they broke out in their finest baju Raya and sharing specialty dishes for the feast!

Raya Portraits

Before the onslaught of satay, ketupat and open house festivities, our Muslim team members congregated for the Insta-worthy Raya family portrait that made all their followers envious of them. It’s an adorably rare scene where every member of the clan is dressed in matching baju raya for the occasion.

Check this photo out as they don their best outfits for the photoshoot:

Raya Portrait
Raya Portrait

Shoutout to our staff, Aniq and Fikhri for sharing their family portraits with us during this special festive season!


At SAFEHOUSE, we always emphasize on the bond between our colleagues, and Raya is always the best time to strengthen this bond because there’s no better way to achieve the goal than a makan-makan session!!!

On the 24th of June, our Muslim colleagues who have a penchant and passion for food, decided to whip up a scrumptious selection of Malay cuisine as a celebration for Hari Raya. We are thankful that SAFEHOUSE team members enjoy wielding knives in the kitchen while they’re not working on Cloud servers or providing IT support to our customers, as we get to savour authentic local delicacies that whet one’s appetite!

Our team members’ creation of an assortment of Malaysian dishes include Chicken Satay, Lemang, Rendang, Daging Masak Hitam, Kek Batik, Kuih-Muih, and much more!

The combination of food and laughter created an undoubtedly satisfying feeling in both stomach and spirit. We are thankful that all of our staff who turned up to celebrate together, and we certainly enjoyed the great food with wonderful company in an environment of peace and love.

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