The Importance of Disaster Recovery Testing

Emergency drills always seem like a nuisance because it gets in the way of our work routine and even worse, if we are on the top floor, it means unwanted exercise! However, emergency drills are paramount to all businesses’ emergency preparedness and a key part of every organisation’s safety programme. The emergency drill simulates real events so that we can rehearse and refine our disaster plans – do we have the right people leading this; are the processes and procedures clear enough and most importantly, would the recovery process have been as quick as possible?

For IT companies, it is important to test out your IT Disaster Recover Plans to see if they are currently fit for purpose, testing for potential hiccups and finding unaddressed complications. It’s important to test the limits of your plans to ensure they can work properly in the event of services or data unavailability. A successful disaster recovery plan is dependent on full participation from all staff members which means that the senior team sets a good example to emphasise the importance of disaster recovery.

As important as it is to know what to do in an emergency, it is also important to know what to do after the emergency to get back to normal routines as quickly as possible which includes handling communication, resuming business operations and resetting equipment.

As a backup and disaster recovery provider, we will assist you in keeping your back-up data off-site and making sure that you can gain access to it easily when you need it the most. We also have expertise in helping testing connectivity and restoring networks to cause minimal disruption to the business. It certainly doesn’t pay to be complacent because emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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