Have you ever loss a very important piece of data due to

1. Hardware failure
2. Ransomware / Malware / Virus attack
3. Human error
4. Malicious internal staff behaviour

All these happened just because

1. You did not backup your data
2. You backup your data but your backup did not work
3. Disaster happens and your local backups were destroyed
4. The backup jobs did not run as planned

We all have our similar bad experiences just because we thought these things will only happen to someone else. Hence, we thought we were the exception and neglect to backup or perform a Disaster Recovery plan until

Ransomware Attacks

One of the scariest thing that could happen to your data is that they are being held ransom by a stranger demanding payment. Unless you pay them, they will not decrypt your data. Even if you did pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that your servers will be “clean” after data restoration.

Your Hardware Fails

Yes, hardware do fail. Even new ones! It takes time to restore a new hardware our a corrupted hard disk. Even if you had a spare device, how long do you need to restore your servers? Worse still, if you do not have a spare hardware, it takes days or weeks before your hardware could be delivered to you doorsteps.

Insider Malicious Job

Employees could turn rogue for whatever reasons. This could be one of the many nightmares company can face. These employees can delete crucial information from their emails and file servers before they tender their resignation, and that will result in the loss of time and money to restore critical information.

You Failed in Your Compliance Audit

Your RISK and compliance team failed your department because you do not have a proper backup or Disaster Recovery processes for your Business Continuity Plan. The impact would even be greater if you lose business from a prospect due to non-compliance to your customer-to-be’s requirement for redundancy.

Accident or Human Error by Your Staff

Accidents do happen. Employee can accidentally delete the entire folder of your critical information. Are you prepared to be told that those files are not recoverable?

Disaster Strikes

Disaster like fire or flood in the server room can cause great damage to your equipment and of course your data. Most of the time we will think that these misfortunes will not happen to us but what if we told you that it only takes 1 disaster incident to bring down your business to its knee and that you actually have an option to protect your business, would you take the solution?

Ringgit Malaysia

Our Backup As A Service solution can cost to as low as RM200 per month. Likewise with Disaster Recovery setup, you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands anymore. With the emergence of Cloud, all these becomes really affordable.

Business still life concept

Yes, our solution is able to turn on your servers within minutes on the Cloud.

Beautiful Asian woman telemarketing customer service agent worki
Trained Specialists

What is more comforting is to know that our AGENTS will look after your data while you are focusing on your business. These agents are trained specialists and you have a pool of specialists backing you up. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back covered.


With our easy to use on-site or off-site backup in place, we can roll-back your data to as long as 12 months ago.

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NO Manual Backup

Our DR and Backup solutions are automated and will save you the time and give you the convenience to keep your data safe without much work at your end. No more driving back your external hard disks. Isn’t that a relief?

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No More Hardware

In the past, you needed to purchase a new set of servers and hardware in order to have your Disaster Recovery Plan set up. Now, with our Hardware as a Service model, you are subscribing to our services and hardware is part of the deal. We will manage all these for you. Better still, it is an OPEX model, your finance department will love you for that.

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So, What’s Holding You Back?
No Budget

DR or Backup can now be implemented at only a fraction of the cost compared to 10 years ago. Which will cost more? Losing your data or paying a little to protect your data? You do buy personal Life Insurance, don’t you?

I’m Doing It Manually

Why do you still perform your backup or DR manually when you can automate the process? Sometimes we are too busy or forgetful to perform these tasks.

I Have No Skills

If you think that you are not skilled enough to support, we have a team of AGENTS at the back-end supporting you. We are saying many brains to put together to protect and solve your IT issues.

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It Won’t Happen To Me

If you think you do not need to backup now because nothing will happen to your data, think again. According to research 87% of business when they were plagued with disaster, they were unable to recover their critical business data and sadly lost their reputation and businesses.

I’m Already On The Cloud

Even if your data is already on the cloud, you will still have a RISK of your data being held to ransom or by virus attacks.

What If It Doesn’t Fit Me?

You can always terminate the service anytime you want without any contract terms for our Public Cloud packages.

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