SAFEHOUSE Company Retreat at The Bird of Paradise Villa, Genting Sempah

The weekend of our team building was quite exceptional, unifying and overall awesome for all of us at SAFEHOUSE! After a very successful transition from system integration to cloud enabler in year 2017, we decided to reward SAFEHOUSE family members with an epic weekend getaway at the beautiful surrounding of Genting Sempah.

True to our philosophy to always innovate and do things ourselves, our SAFEHOUSE family members have planned for the venue, agenda, and foods for the 2-day, 1-night weekend getaway on our own.

Upon arriving at the establishment, we were in-awe of how majestic and spacious the villa is! We unpacked our belongings, and soon we kicked off the stay with our past year financial performance, and projected revenue for the year 2018 by our beloved accountant.

Apart from discussing our financial performance, we also discussed where we are right now, and our plans moving forward. All staffs were proactive in suggesting improvements to each department, and these constructive feedbacks were taken to heart by our management team.

We made sure each and everyone of the staff members mingle with each other, and everyone gets to voice out their opinion about the management and company so that things can be improved in the near future.

With that being said, work is not the only thing we focused on during the stay! We have allocated free time for our staff to enjoy the private Jacuzzi, have a nice game of pool, enjoy some delicious satays, and throw a karaoke party in the living room.

We always believe that maintaining the relationship strong between staff members is the key to provide quality service to our customers. Every company retreat we organize will ensure our staff members come back refreshed and happier. We would like to share the good vibes we experienced together and hopefully as a customer you will feel it as well! The way SAFEHOUSE treats and takes care of one another is just like a family, and that’s what makes us one-of-a-kind company!

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