CPR & First-Aid Training


All of us have the power to increase the chance of survival for a patient who suffered from cardiac arrest, provided that CPR was given in time. Since employees are the most valuable assets to our organization, SAFEHOUSE wants to make sure that our employees are well-prepared in the case of an emergency.

Most people realize that they have to perform chest compression and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in order to keep the patient alive, but few knows how to perform it correctly. This event proved to be useful when the CPR & first aid instructor demonstrated the whole process on a training doll.

Apart from that, participants were also given a talk about how to perform CPR, making arm sling, dealing with patients with fracture, and other essential life-saving skills by Malaysian Red Crescent.

Everyone concluded it was a very informative session and more will be held in the near future to promote life-saving awareness.

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