It’s Walk-A-Hunt Time!


In collaboration with Monstro Entertainment, Ireka Sports Recreation Club mixes both hidden gems and well-known landmarks, brain-teasing local trivia and riddles to deliver an unforgettable experience to all of us at SAFEHOUSE.

All teams were squeezing their brain juice to solve as many challenges as possible within time allocated in this fast-paced, adrenaline-packed finale. Speed is not the only thing that counts; good chemistry and an eye for detail are equally important when it comes to solving riddles on hand!

Each team consists of a minimum of 16 participants per team, with a minimum of 10 participants for the outdoor treasure hunt. The remaining members were assigned to solve riddles while staying inside the building, as that will also contribute scores to their respective house team.

*Just Look At How Enthusiastically They’re Celebrating!*

Map was given to each house team at the time of registration while questions were distributed before the flag-off of the “Walk-A-Hunt”, which covers the surrounding areas (1 Mont’ Kiara and Desa Sri Hartamas) of our headquarter.

As Safehousers winding through the city on a mission, not only does the new staff get to familiarize themselves with the city, but we also get to meet some of our long-distance colleagues who were stationed at various sites.

It was anyone’s game right up until the last minute, and team Batman walked away as the champion of Walk-A-Hunt for solving the most puzzles in the shortest period of time – while Captain America were crowned the overall champion of Ireka’s house team competition.

Their celebration marks the end of house team competition on a high note, and everyone walks away from the venue with warm fuzzy feelings after a sumptuous lunch.

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